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Benefits for practice and patient


Exchange administrative data between your online agenda and your EMD. The functions available within this synchronisation depend on the EMD you use. With an API you can link the calendar to your own company software or appointments calendar system. Synchronisations between your online calendar and Google Calendar or Outlook 365 are also possible.


Patients who prefer to call can make an appointment by phone, fully automated, without disturbing you, at any time of the day, 7 days a week. The availability is requested directly in your calendar and the appointment is booked immediately.

Information screen

It may be convenient to link an information screen to your calendar. This gives you a channel through which to inform your patients while they’re in the waiting room. You can manage the information, posters or videos you want to display centrally. If you wish, patients can log in via a log-in column and be called up by the doctor via the information screen.

New messages

If you use a tele-secretarial service, you can have all your urgent messages appear immediately in your calendar.

Identifying callers

Patients who call you can be identified and automatically selected in your calendar. This means that when an appointment is being made, you no longer have to look up the patient yourself so it takes less time to schedule.


We have our own eco-system that enables you to quickly make an appointment with an affiliated specialist, or a specialist can make a follow-up appointment with a general practitioner.

Video consultations

We offer a proprietary video application that enables secure video calls with patients.

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We’d like to know how you organise your practice at the moment. We’ll tell you how to reduce telephone pressure in your practice and make appointment scheduling as efficient and simple as possible. We translate all of your needs into a customised online calendar.



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We make sure you get off to a flying start. Which is why we provide solid training to help you get started with your new calendar. Training can take place in your practice, but also online.



Time to go live. We’re there for you during the entire start-up process, but also afterwards. Still have questions, problems or doubts? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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