Optimise your company's

Do you want to get eliminate too many trucks and long queues at your loading and unloading docks? Optimise your company’s in- and/or out-bound logistics flows with Dockplanner. A clear and user-friendly calendar that enables hauliers to create and manage their own appointments.


Benefits for you and your hauliers

Fewer queues

Hauliers get an overview of all the docks and/or time slots that are available for loading and unloading their goods. They book themselves an appointment at a convenient time, which relieves pressure on the docks and minimises long waiting times.

More efficient use of staff

Thanks to simple and clear display of your calendar, you always have a global overview of how busy it is on the docks and you know in advance which haulier will be loading or unloading and when. This means that you can deploy staff more efficiently and better handle busy times.

Flexible calendar

In just a few clicks, you can fully customise your calendar to your company’s needs. Choose in advance which docks are reserved for certain goods or hauliers, block off time slots or open extra slots on busy docks and make last minute changes. The possibilities are endless.

Choose the most suitable set-up

Choose an overall schedule, which includes all available time slots at the different docks. Or choose a set-up where only the time slots of a specific dock are displayed. Or choose a set-up in which the slots per dock are recorded separately, visually.

What else
can you expect?

Online calendar management

  • Distinguish between different consultation types. Assign a specific duration and distinguish them from each other by adding a colour code. Certain periods reserved for specific appointment types? That’s possible too.
  • Patients can also make an appointment outside of your practice hours so you can always be reached.
  • Synchronise or integrate your online calendar with your EMD for more efficient operation.
  • In addition to your website, patients can also schedule appointments via the app on their smartphone.
  • Plan and manage appointments at different locations in the same calendar.
  • Work smoothly with several other colleagues in the practice. The calendar is accessible on all PCs, tablets and smartphones. Each person has their own work schedule.
  • Receive regular updates of new and improved features.
  • With the option MijnOnlineAgenda TELE+, patients can also make an appointment by phone at any time of the day, 7 days a week, fully automated, without interrupting you.
  • Integrate the calendar with your Cloud exchange so that patients are recognised when calling in and appointments can be booked more quickly


Want to make your practice run more efficiently?


I want to plan more efficiently,
now what?



We’d like to know how you organise your practice at the moment. We’ll tell you how to reduce telephone pressure in your practice and make appointment scheduling as efficient and simple as possible. We translate all of your needs into a customised online calendar.



Still have a few doubts? Request a demo, free from obligation, and we’ll be happy to show you all the possibilities of the calendar system so that you know exactly what to expect.



We make sure you get off to a flying start. Which is why we provide solid training to help you get started with your new calendar. Training can take place in your practice, but also online.



Time to go live. We’re there for you during the entire start-up process, but also afterwards. Still have questions, problems or doubts? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help.


Overall set-up

  • Pay a fixed price for all docks
  • From €26.92 per month (depending on the number of time slots required)
  • €473.13 activation fee

Set-up by dock

  • Pay per dock
  • From €19.60 per dock per month
  • €473.13 activation fee

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