Online appointment management
for your practiceor company

A clear, flexible and functional customised calendar is worth its weight in gold. At Introlution, we are all too well aware of that. Which is why we develop online calendars that help you organise your appointments efficiently on a daily basis, and further unburden you by letting customers make their own appointments as well.

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Do you work in the medical sector? Plan and manage consultations more efficiently than ever with MijnOnlineAgenda.

  • Patients can easily plan
    their own consultations
  • Optimise your availability
  • Flexible calendar, tailored to your practice

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Do you work in the logistics sector? Optimise your company’s logistics flow and profit margin with Dockplanner.

  • Hauliers can schedule
    appointments themselves
  • Reduced pressure on docks
  • More efficient use of staff

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Are you active in another sector? Our software can help you too. Check out our solutions.


What do our customers say?

"Introlution offers a good price/quality solution in terms of online agenda system. The app is an absolute added value for our younger patients, but older patients also find their way to the login page via the internet."

General practitioner, Lendelede

"Introlution represents a truly comprehensive concept for the modern digitised doctor. We are particularly enthusiastic about the constantly new but non-intrusive options offered by the developers, which make the appointment package so much more than the name suggests ..."

NKO, Lichtaart

"We have been customers from the very beginning and to everyone's satisfaction: patients, doctors, sales representatives and other employees. Price/quality and unbeatable service are real guarantees at Introlution!"

General practitioners, Sint-Katelijne-Waver

"I have been working with Introlution for around 13 years now and am extremely satisfied. The evolution of the possibilities over the years, the increasingly handy agenda, the various booking possibilities and the good back up are all plus points."

GP, Mere

"Everything is running fine and everyone is super satisfied, myself included, I am really happy with it, this schedule has completely changed my life, less stress, more freedom, more structure, less chaos, hardly any impatient, nagging people, really top!"

General practitioner, Nijlen

"We have been customers of Introlution since its inception. What is striking is the continuing and even increasing user-friendliness, the constant innovation, the operational reliability and the continuing correct service at a fair price despite the growth of the company!"

GP, Wetteren

The story

What started out as a thesis by two passionate commercial engineers has grown into an ambitious company that develops online calendars for the medical and logistics sector, among others. At the helm are Davy and Pieter, a committed duo with a strong desire to find structural solutions to every challenge.

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